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    Registration is open for the 8th Annual Philly Emerging Tech Conference (a.k.a. Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise), which is set for April 2 - April 3 at the Society Hill Sheraton in Philadelphia.

    The program features creators, core developers, contributors to, and authors of books on popular open source projects. Sessions on JavaScript frameworks, HTML5, Big Data, functional programming patterns, and more complement the Java and JVM-based talks.

    To register for this 2-day, 5-track event:

    The Early Bird rate, available through February 15, is $385 per person. After that a conference pass will cost $460.

    The conference has sold out the few years.

    The roster of 50 speakers includes:

    Rich Hickey
    creator of Clojure

    Doug Lea
    governing board, OpenJDK

    Ken Schwaber
    co-creator of the Scrum process

    Charlie Hunt
    author of Java Performance

    Cliff Click
    CTO & Founder of 0xdata

    Josh Suereth
    author of Scala in Depth

    Claudia Perlich
    chief scientist, m6d

    Yehuda Katz
    creator of Ember.js

    Avital Oliver
    Meteor core developer

    Jessica McKellar
    maintainer of Twisted

    Tim Branyen
    Backbone.js committer

    Nicolas Gallagher
    lead developer of HTML5 Boilerplate

    Dan Mezick
    author of The Culture Games

    More speakers and session abstracts will be added over the next couple of weeks.

    Tracey Welson-Rossman
    Chief Marketing Officer, Chariot Solutions
    215-358-1780 ext. 456


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