What Functional Purists don't want you to know about Scala

Thu, May 12 6:00pm

45 Network Way, Burlington, Ma

Presentation Materials

  • Presentation - Functional Programming
  • Scala Presentation

  • Presentation Overview:

    Scala is a JVM programming language that blends object-oriented and functional concepts. We are all well familiar with the object-oriented aspect but lot of us seem to struggle when it comes to functional programming. Unfortunately, a large number of Scala talks and articles present functional programming in a way it just makes your brain hurt. You start believing only math-minded can truly comprehend it. Furthermore, you get an impression Scala is only a good fit for problems which need to be solved in a pure functional style. All of which is, fortunately, far from being true.

    The goal of this talk is twofold. It will aim to demistify functional programming as a paradigm through examples in Scala. Furthermore, it will try to show that Scala is not all about functional programming, but has another side which can immensely benefit regular Java developers. As a bonus, it will demonstrate how Scala allows these two programming styles to complement each other

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